You said magic was bad and you were right, Bae. It's going to destroy my family.
      —Wendy to Baelfire
Wendy Darling
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Freya Tingley

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Second Star to the Right

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The New Neverland

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Wendy Darling is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the twenty-first episode of the second season. She is portrayed by guest star Freya Tingley.

Wendy is based on a character of the same name from the play, Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up.


Before First Curse

Wendy lives in London, England with her parents and is the only girl out of her two younger siblings. She is alarmed to see a stranger in her house and moves to defend herself from the intruder, but upon closer examination, she realizes he is just a starving boy and offers him food. They introduce themselves to each other, and Wendy learns the boy's name is Baelfire, or Bae. Wishing to help, Wendy hides Baelfire in her nursery cubby-hole and sneaks up food for him until being caught by her parents. Just when it seems Baelfire is going to be put out, Wendy's mother allows him to stay as a guest. During one night, Wendy excitedly watches a shadow dance outside her window. While she finds magic interesting, Baelfire hates it since magic ruined his whole life. To keep her away from the same path, he makes her promise to never open the window for the Shadow. Though she agrees, Wendy can't help her curiosity and is whisked off by the Shadow to Neverland. In this world, she has a great deal of fun and adventure, but is disturbed by the weeping children at nightfall, who desperately wish to go home, though the Shadow won't allow it. Since the Shadow wants another boy for the island, it sends Wendy home with the intent of stealing one of her brothers. Anxious and scared, she divulges this information to Baelfire, who vows to not let her family be torn apart. With her brothers, John and Michael, they arm themselves with makeshift weapons on the night the Shadow breaks into the nursery. Then, they run to hide in the cubby-hole, except for Michael, so Baelfire dashes out to ask the Shadow to take him instead. The Darling siblings bolt to the window as Baelfire is pulled away by the Shadow and disappears into the sky. ("Second Star to the Right")

Feeling guilty about Baelfire's valiant sacrifice for her family, Wendy decides to go back to Neverland to save him. Instead, she is taken prisoner by Pan, and though John and Michael attempt to free her, they themselves are forced to do his bidding for over a century in order to keep Wendy from harm. ("Dark Hollow", "Think Lovely Thoughts")

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  • The casting call describes her as, "13, British, and also as being compassionate, mischievous, and somewhat naive about how dangerous the world can be."[1]
  • The casting call name for her was "Heidi".[1]
  • The name "Wendy" is of Germanic and Welsh origin that means "wends, vandals" in German and "white circle, moon" in Welsh.[2]
  • The surname "Darling" is of English origin derived from the word "deorling" that has the same meaning.[3]


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