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This article focuses on the Storybrooke character, Henry Mills. For the Evil Queen's father, Henry, see Valet.
I'm done reading about heroes. I want to be one.
      —Henry to David

Henry Mills is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the first episode of the first season. He is portrayed by starring cast member Jared S. Gilmore, and does not have an Enchanted Forest counterpart.


During First Curse

Henry is born in a prison in Phoenix, Arizona, and given up for adoption by his birth mother, Emma, because she wishes to give him his best chance in life. ("Tallahassee", "The Heart of the Truest Believer")

After being given up for adoption, he is placed with his first family, but for an unknown reason, it doesn't work out. He is put up for adoption again in Boston where Regina becomes his mother. She names him Henry as a namesake for her father. Henry is very fussy as an infant and Regina has repeated troubles calming him down. She attempts to tell him a bedtime story, but he ends up vomiting, to her alarm. A thorough health check by Dr. Whale at the hospital shows there is nothing wrong with Henry, but Regina is suggested into finding her child's birth parents' medical records to look for genetic diseases he may have inherited. While Regina converses on the phone to have her associate, Sidney, look up the information, she hands Henry to a hospital volunteer, Mary Margaret, who instinctively begins rocking and soothing him. Regina is stunned Henry has finally quieted down and takes him back into her own arms, to which he starts to insistently cry again. When Regina, at last, manages to help Henry relax, she receives data from Sidney about her child's birth mother, who was abandoned in the woods eighteen years ago, leading her to suspect this is the grown-up savior of the curse. Since Mr. Gold was the one who procured Henry for her, Regina confronts him with this knowledge, but he has no idea what she is talking about. Henry is taken back to Boston by Regina to hand him over to the next potential family on the waiting list. Despite knowing who his birth mother is, she cannot deny her love for Henry and changes her mind. Even so, she is constantly afraid the birth mother will come searching for Henry one day. After receiving advice from the town therapist, Archie, Regina brings Henry in a crib to her vault and tells him a fairytale story of a queen and her prince while concocting and then drinking a potion to help herself forget about his birth mother. ("Save Henry")

At ten years old, Henry feels unloved by Regina, and is further saddened by the fact his birth mother gave him up. He relates all of this to his teacher, Ms. Blanchard, during lunch time. Henry is also frustrated by the sameness in town, and believes he doesn't belong. To cheer Henry up, she gives him a fairytale storybook, and explains the stories in it are a reminder that his life will get better if he just holds onto hope. He shows interest in the book, and casually flips through it. For a brief moment, Henry sees a mirage of Ms. Blanchard as a princess. ("Going Home")

Henry becomes rebellious towards Regina and begins having therapy sessions with Archie. From reading the storybook, he realizes the stories in the book are real as well as that every person in Storybrooke is a fairytale character under the influence of the Dark Curse. Henry also recognizes his mother as the Evil Queen and has knowledge about the savior, also his birth mother, who is prophesied to break the curse in twenty-eight years. Seeing as it's now twenty-eight years, he steals Ms. Blanchard's credit card and uses it on an online website to track down his birth mother, Emma Swan, in Boston. After she opens the apartment door, he introduces himself as the baby she gave up ten years ago. When Emma threatens to call the police, Henry nonchalantly replies that he'll just tell them she kidnapped him. Emma is not convinced and uses her "superpower" to detect his lie. As she begins making the call, Henry pleas for her to come back to Storybrooke with him. On the drive there, he animatedly fills her in on his book and proclaims all the fairytales in it are real. Upon entering Storybrooke, Henry's refusal to give out his home address prompts Emma to step out of the car, to which Archie approaches them on the street. Henry is dishonest when Archie asks him about why he skipped their session, and is advised against being untruthful. Archie gives Emma the address of Henry's mother and leaves. Henry insists that Archie is Jiminy Cricket and everyone is under the Evil Queen's curse. At his house, he steps out of the car, but purposely leaves his storybook behind. Henry is greeted by an anxious and worried Regina, but runs past her while remarking Emma is his "real" mom. Later, from his bedroom window, Henry watches Emma leave the house. The next day, Henry is severely disappointed that time still hasn't moved forward since bringing Emma back to town. He runs away to his castle playground where Emma returns his book. He speaks about his own adoption and his belief she gave him up for the best chance in life, which brings tears to Emma's eyes. However, they butt heads over his fairytale theory. He even begs Emma not to bring him back to Regina because life with her "sucks" and encourages her to stay in town for at least a week to prove the curse is real. This prompts Emma to disclose how she was abandoned twice; once at birth and then again by her first set of foster parents, though he contends she came through a magic tree as an infant. After going home, he stares at the clock tower from his window until it begins moving forward in time. To this, he realizes Emma decided to stay after all. ("Pilot")

The next morning, Henry sits on his bed happily as he watches the clock move. His mom walks in with his storybook, and asks where the torn out pages are. He claims not to know, though Regina cares quite a bit as Henry seems to think she is some "evil queen", and it hurts her feelings as his mother. Henry retorts that she is not his mother, and as the clock tower chimes, he rushes off to the diner to order a cinnamon hot chocolate for Emma. From another table booth, he reveals himself and invites her to walk him to school. Upon seeing her try to eat one of Regina's apples, he hastily throws it away and engages her in conversation about the curse by adopting the name "Operation Cobra" to keep the Evil Queen off their trail. He pulls out torn out pages from the storybook, and claims the infant in the drawing is her. During an outdoor school lesson, he called out by his mom, who tells him that Emma was arrested. Though Regina warns that Emma is a con woman, he is unfazed by the news and excuses himself back to class. With Mary Margaret, Henry bails Emma out of jail. After school, he arrives home to overhear Emma in discussion with Regina, and is extremely hurt when she refers to him as "crazy". Henry runs off before she can explain. Later, while still upset, he refuses to talk during a session with Archie until Emma bursts in to clear up the misunderstanding. Emma regains Henry's trust by telling him she told Regina what was necessary to throw her off their trail as they work to break the curse. To prove her point, she takes the storybook pictures and burns them in the fireplace so Regina will never find out. With his faith restored, Henry happily runs to hug Emma. ("The Thing You Love Most")

During a hospital volunteer day with his class, Henry curiously wanders into the room of a comatose patient, John Doe, when Mary Margaret enters. She explains the mystery of the man's identity. From this, he begins to believe John Doe is Prince Charming, and later proclaims to Emma that the man is her father. Through much persistence, he begs Emma to have Mary Margaret read the Snow White fairytale in his book to John Doe. Mary Margaret agrees, and the three plan to meet at the diner for a full report in the morning. Henry waits expectantly with Emma, and is pleased when Mary Margaret blurts out that John Doe grabbed her hand in his sleep. They rush back to the hospital only to discover John Doe disappeared the previous night. Regina drags Henry back home while Sheriff Graham takes care of the investigation, but he sneaks out into the forest as a search party is ongoing. He insists that John Doe is looking for Mary Margaret. While Emma wants to take Henry home, Graham finds John Doe's patient tag. At the shore, Mary Margaret begins resuscitating John Doe using mouth-to-mouth, nearly giving up, when he sputters awake. Back at the hospital, Henry and the others watch from outside the door as John Doe is put into recovery when a blonde woman, Kathryn, rushes in. As it turns out, Kathryn is John Doe's long lost wife, and his real name is David Nolan. Regina calls Henry to leave for home, though he makes an excuse to grab his backpack. To Mary Margaret, he assures that she and David belong together. ("Snow Falls")

Henry obediently follows Regina's rules for staying home and doing his homework, but once she leaves for a council meeting, he bolts out to find Emma at Mary Margaret's apartment. Henry runs into Mr. Gold, who is just leaving the apartment, and expresses confusion to Emma over the identity of his fairytale counterpart. Emma informs Henry that a pregnant woman, Ashley, is missing, and she needs to find her. Henry ignores her orders to go home and follows along to the diner, where she proceeds to interrogate Ruby. When Ruby reveals that Ashley has two stepsisters and a stepmother, Henry quickly catches on and starts to mention "Operation Cobra", but Emma shushes him before he can finish. Next, Emma decides to see Ashley's ex-boyfriend, Sean. She is told by his father, Mitchell Herman, that Ashley has agreed to sell her baby to Mr. Gold. Henry warns her that she cannot make Ashley break a deal with Mr. Gold. When the duo questions Ruby again, she admits she let Ashley have her car to drive out of Boston. Emma sends Henry home, but as she is driving away to find Ashley, he pops up in the back seat. He states that no one will be able to leave Storybrooke because of the Dark Curse, and if anyone tries, bad things will happen. On the side of the road, Ashley is going into labor, to which Emma drives her back to the hospital. While in the waiting room, Henry claims to Emma that no one can leave Storybrooke except her. This fact, he argues, reinforced his idea about the Enchanted Forest and that she really was the savior. After Emma saves Ashley's baby from being taken by Mr. Gold, she drives Henry home. He narrowly escapes getting caught by Regina when she gets home. ("The Price of Gold")

The next day, Henry is in another session with Archie. He strongly believes his therapist used to be Jiminy Cricket as Archie humors him. Moments after, the town suffers an earthquake and a large sinkhole appears at the entrance of an abandoned mine. He and Archie go to the site to have a look. Henry notices Regina tuck something into her coat, and believes the sinkhole must have evidence of the curse. He relates this idea to both Archie and Emma, but is cut off when Regina orders him into her car. At the next therapy session, Marco comes to Archie's office in order to see his long-time friend. Henry excitedly reveals that Marco is actually Geppetto, and outlines his plans to search the mine because he is positive that the sinkhole's sudden appearance has something to do with the curse. Archie cuts him off; telling him that if he continues on with his crazy idea, people will think he is insane and lock him up. Henry is crushed by Archie's demand that his nonsense must end, and leaves visibly upset. In tears, he goes straight to Emma, who comforts him and then drops him back home. Nonetheless, Henry is unable to give up on his idea, and ventures into the mines. Inside, he removes a piece of decorative glass that bears a striking similarity to the one Regina pocketed earlier. Suddenly, the ceiling begins collapsing. Henry finds Archie inside the mines as well, and they become lost. From following the sound of Pongo's bark, they come upon an elevator and start cranking it upward to the surface, but it gets stuck halfway up. Henry apologizes for being reckless as Archie is also remorseful for his own harsh words earlier. In truth, he doesn't really think Henry is crazy, and though Regina is extremely protective, it's perfectly fine to have an imagination. In turn, Henry inspires Archie to change into the person he wants to be rather than listening to other people all the time. They discuss Henry's fairytale theory, and his firm belief that there simply has to be more to the world. Suddenly, Emma is lowered down on a harness to bring them up. Archie almost falls with the collapsing elevator, but latches on to Emma's foot with umbrella. All three of them are lifted to safety. ("That Still Small Voice")

After David is released from the hospital, he and Emma attend his welcome home party. Henry theorizes that David doesn't remember his life as Prince Charming due to the curse, and needs to recall them before his false memories set in. Emma tries to convince him that the reason David got lost a few nights back by the Toll Bridge is due to amnesia. Henry thinks if David is asked about his previous sword fighting skills as Prince Charming, it will jog his memory. When he openly inquiries about this later, David laughs at the thought. ("The Shepherd")

Sheriff Graham stops by Regina's house where Henry answers the door. Graham wants to speak with Henry, and asks Henry if he is in his book. After showing him a picture of wolf, Graham recognizes it as the Wolf he has seen around Storybrooke, and tells Henry that he has been flashes of what he believes to be a past life, and they began after he kissed Emma. Henry is surprised Graham kissed Emma, and listens as he continues to describe the flashes; one being the wolf, the other having a knife and getting ready to hurt Mary Margaret. Henry turns the page, and finds out that Graham is the Huntsman because he was raised by wolves, and once spared Snow White's life. Graham asks what happened to him after he spared Snow White's life, and Henry states the Evil Queen ripped out his heart. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

After Graham's death, Henry becomes depressed and warns Emma that they should not mess with the curse. He blames himself for Graham's death and wants to give up on "Operation Cobra". However, his faith is renewed when Emma wins the position as the new town sheriff. ("Desperate Souls")

A few days later, Henry is browsing in Mr. Clark's store when two children about his age walk up to him. They introduce themselves as Ava and Nicholas and ask him to hang out. Just as Henry is about to leave, Mr. Clark corners them and accuses them of shoplifting. He calls Regina who, when she arrives, is confident that Henry is framed by the two orphans. Henry arrives at the police station and tells Emma that Ava and Nicholas are really Hansel and Gretel, and asks her about his birth father. Emma tells him that his father was a man training to be a firefighter who liked pumpkin pie and died trying to save a family from a burning apartment building.

Emma succeeds in reuniting Ava and Nicholas with their father, and Henry gets a pumpkin pie to share with Emma. As they leave the diner, he comments she really is changing things in Storybrooke. Suddenly, they hear a rumbling noise, and turn to see a man on a motorcycle riding into town. ("True North")

In the morning, Henry walks out of his house with his backpack when he sees the stranger from last night with his motorcycle and a large box attached to the back of it. He asks the man what he is doing in Storybrooke, and that no one ever comes here. Regina notices Henry conversing with the stranger, and comes out to investigate, but the man drives away quickly on his motorcycle. ("7:15 A.M.")

Regina demolishes Henry's castle playhouse for safety reasons, which upsets him greatly. He also discovers that his storybook of fairytales has disappeared. Emma tries to expose Regina for wasting Storybrooke's stolen money on a separate house for herself in the woods; however, the house turns out to be a modern playground for all the children of Storybrooke.

Regina warns the embarrassed Emma to stay away from Henry, or else she would take legal action against her. While Henry is playing on the playground with the other children, he asks if they can talk about "Operation Cobra" sometime. Emma, however, declines and says that his mom could keep her away from him if they tried. Henry is left watching in the woods as she drives away. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

A few days later, during Mr. Gold's imprisonment for physical assault on Moe French, Regina arrives at the station with Henry. She bribes Emma to spend some time with him so she can speak to Mr. Gold for thirty minutes. He and Emma go to the parlor to get ice cream. ("Skin Deep")

After that, Regina gives Henry a video game to apologize for her destroying his castle, but Henry still misses his book. A few minutes later, a visibly upset Kathryn comes into Regina's office in order to speak with her, and Henry leaves. Emma later finds his storybook and surprises him by returning it. ("What Happened to Frederick")

Many days later, he helps out in the sheriff's office browsing on the computer through possible jobs for a recently unemployed Ruby. Most of the job listings involve carrying something in a little basket and delivering it, but she does not like the sound of any of them. However, Ruby is very good at directing and answering office telephone calls, which Emma takes note of. Emma hires Ruby as her assistant. When David is reported in a daze in the woods, Emma is ready to go look for him when Henry cuts in. He reveals that Ruby is actually Red Riding Hood, but that she does not know how cool she can be. Emma heeds Henry's advice and takes Ruby with her. Ruby successfully finds David, and later finds a crucial piece of evidence under the Toll Bridge linking Mary Margaret to Kathryn's murder. ("Red-Handed")

Soon after Mary Margaret's arrest, Henry sits a the diner counter trying to think of ways he can help. August comes in and offers him some encouragement. August tells Henry to look inside his book for the answers. He becomes excited at the prospect of someone believing in him and browses through the book. ("Heart of Darkness")

After coming to the sheriff department, he finds Mary Margaret's cell empty. He sits out in the hallway until Emma and Mr. Gold walk up to him, and he tells them they did a good thing by freeing Mary Margaret from her cell. Emma is confused until she goes into the sheriff's office to see what he is talking about. In a panic, she leaves the station to find Mary Margaret, and eventually finds her in a crazed stranger's house, who believes himself to be the Mad Hatter with a daughter named Grace. The next day, Emma talks with Henry before he has go to class. A classmate, Paige, greets Henry on her way into the school building. Puzzled by the girl's appearance, Emma asks Henry for his book, and he happily offers it up. She flips through the book until she sees a picture page with the Mad Hatter and Grace. ("Hat Trick")

With August's assistance, Emma follows up a lead that Mary Margaret has been set up by Regina. She finds proof of a shovel piece, to which Henry helps set them up to enter into the house garage with a key while Regina is busy in the shower. Inside Regina's garage, August and Emma find a shovel is a perfect match for the piece they found earlier. However, when Emma comes back the next day with a search warrant, the shovel is gone. Despite the setback, they do find a disheveled and alive Kathryn in the diner alley. ("The Stable Boy")

One morning, August suffers a severe leg spasm, and phones Henry to "move the plan along faster". On a rainy morning, they have a stakeout across the street from Mr. Gold's pawnshop. Henry does not understand how this is part of "Operation Cobra", but August asks him to do as he says. Henry goes into the store and distracts Mr. Gold by asking to buy a homecoming gift for Mary Margaret, who has since been released from custody following Kathryn's reappearance. Later, at the party, he asks August if he found what he was looking for, and how bad was it when Mr. Gold caught him snooping in the store. August admits he did not find what he wanted, but he believes "it" will find him. Shortly thereafter, Emma escorts Henry out of the party as Regina does not know he is here, and he will have to go home since his mother will be home shortly. Emma opens the door just as David is preparing to come in. To save Mary Margaret the awkwardness of dealing with him, she asks Henry to walk home with David. ("The Return")

Since regaining his book, Henry notices the story of Pinocchio has been added to the pages. One day at school, Emma approaches him and asks to read the book, to which he happily obliges. However, he quickly notices that the new pages are strange and asks Emma for her help over it. She does not take him seriously and leaves. ("The Stranger")

After another bad encounter with Regina, and August's crazy suggestion that she is Storybrooke's "savior", Emma becomes fed up and wants to leave town with Henry. She offers him a ride in the car, and after does he realize what is happening, Henry forces the steering wheel to swerve, and the car comes to a halt in a brush of trees. He tells her that she must stay and break the curse. Emma reluctantly agrees to go back. Worried about Emma's lack of belief in the curse, Henry seeks out August at his bed and breakfast guest room. As August pulls up his pant leg, Henry is able to see the leg is wooden. August explains that it's no longer possible for him to help with "Operation Cobra" with his rapid transformation into wood and it's up to Henry. So, he rushes over to convince Emma that the curse is real, but she urgently tells him she is leaving town so the feud between her and Regina can stop. He hugs her tightly, unable to say goodbye, and then notices an apple turnover sitting on the table. Alarmed, he frantically asks where she got it from. Emma states it is a treat from Regina, but Henry is adamant that she doesn't eat it. Henry refuses to accept that Emma is leaving his life for good and promises her that he has faith in her, and will somehow prove that the curse exists. Henry grabs the apple pastry and before she can stop him, he takes a bite. At first, he seems fine, but then collapses unconscious. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Emma rushes him to the hospital, but Henry is completely comatose. She shows Dr. Whale the apple turnover he ate, but he is not convinced that is what made Henry collapse. Emma is frustrated Dr. Whale does not believe her, and comes to the sharp conclusion what happened to Henry is like "magic". She dumps out everything in Henry's backpack, and reaches for his storybook. With one touch of the book, a flash of the Enchanted Forest events come to her, and in rageful mode, she angrily confronts Regina about the apple turnover, and the poison she put it in, which was intended for Emma to consume. Mary Margaret reads to Henry in the hopes that he would wake up as David did, but it does not work. In the middle of her explanation for giving the book to him, his heart flat lines. Despite the doctors' best attempts, Henry passes away. Regina and Emma, who had been working on finding a magical cure, arrive on the scene, and both collapse in tears. Emma kisses Henry's forehead as a last goodbye, but, as a mother's love is unconditional, she unintentionally gives him the kiss of true love and breaks the curse he is under as well as the Dark Curse. Henry wakes up, and everyone in Storybrooke regains memories of their former lives in the Enchanted Forest. However, Regina is horrified that the curse is broken, and in a panic, states her love for Henry, who looks at her questionably. Then, she rushes out of the hospital. From the window, Henry and Emma notice a purple cloud of magic, which was created by Mr. Gold, descending over the town. ("A Land Without Magic")

After First Curse

After the curse is broken, Henry reunites with Mary Margaret, David, the dwarves, Ruby, and Granny. While Emma and her parents hug, he calls David, "Grandpa", which the latter joyfully acknowledges before embracing him as well. Henry is scared for his adoptive mother when he hears that Dr. Whale is leading a mob to Regina's house and begs Emma and the others to stop it. After doing so, a Wraith released by Mr. Gold begins hunting down Regina, to which a magic hat is used to transport it into a portal, though Emma and Mary Margaret are also sucked in. In the aftermath, Henry walks in with Ruby to see his adoptive mother strangling David. He calls Regina an evil queen upon hearing what happened to Emma and Mary Margaret and refuses to see her again until they come back. Henry leaves with David and begins living in the apartment. ("Broken")

Outside the town hall, Henry waits with Ruby for David. When he arrives, Henry tries to cheer him up, but fails because Leroy runs in and reveals that if anyone leaves Storybrooke, they lose all their memories of the Enchanted Forest forever. He goes home with David and tries to help him with his speech in boosting the town residents' morale and calming the chaos, but then David runs off to seek out Jefferson to find a way to rescue Emma and Mary Margaret. Henry goes with Ruby to the meeting at the town hall, but David never shows up. Instead, Regina terrorizes the townspeople with her new-found magic until Henry grudgingly agrees to return home with her. Locking himself in his room, he attempts to escape out the window, but Regina blocks him with a barrier spell. Frustrated over being imprisoned, Henry accuses her of making him feel crazy because he knew, while the curse was still intact, the truth about the Enchanted Forest and the people in it. Wishing to make amends, she offers to teach him magic as much can be gained from it, but Henry declares he'd rather not become like her. Realizing she is making her son unhappy, Regina allows Henry to leave with David. She only wishes for him to be with her if he wants to and not by force. Regina promises Henry that she will strive to be worthy of his love. After departing with David, they head to the diner where Henry tells Marco of his son's true identity. ("We Are Both")

Hoping to help retrieve Emma and Mary Margaret, Henry suggests to David that they take on the mission name "Operation Scorpion". Regretfully, David doesn't want him to get involved and would rather he just attend school like an average boy. Henry is walked to the school bus, but he only pretends to get on. Once David is out of sight, he runs off to find the owner of the portal hat, Jefferson, who tells him about Regina's vault that may contain magic. Noticing Jefferson's troubled state, Henry urges him to find his daughter, Paige. Over the phone, Henry invites Regina to lunch at the diner. When she accepts and leaves her office, he breaks in to steal keys to the vault and unlock a box only for poisonous vipers to rear up at him. Luckily, he is quickly rescued by David. Henry apologizes for disobeying him since he misses Emma and Mary Margaret very much. David comforts him, and the two leave the vault. Later, while Henry sits in Emma's car, David hands him a wooden sword as they start a sparring match. ("Lady of the Lake")

Henry hangs out in the mines watching David and the dwarves mining for fairy dust. The plan is to find fairy dust, and use it on Jefferson's hat with possible transportation to and from the Enchanted Forest. Ruby brings lunch in a basket, and Henry takes a muffin. ("The Crocodile")

David brings Henry to the stables, and shows him his new pony. He tells him that he will need to take care of the pony, and has to earn its trust before he can ride it. Henry starts to groom his pony, and David leaves the stables to tend to other matters. He continues to groom him for sometime until a recently resurrected Daniel arrives and scares Henry's pony; making it rear and bolt out of the stables in fear. Henry asks him to stop because he is scaring the horses. Then, he sees the blood on hands and offers to help him, but this triggers a bad memory in Daniel's mind, and he grabs Henry's neck and lifts him off the ground. David arrives and saves Henry; telling him to run. ("The Doctor")

Henry wakes up screaming from a nightmare in Storybrooke and is comforted by David. He tells David of seeing a room without windows and doors covered in blood red curtains with flames in the room. He also describes a female figure on the other side of the room, and that it is observing him. David calms Henry by lighting a candle to sooth him. Unbeknownst to either, Henry's nightmare closely mirrors that of another person. ("Tallahassee")

Henry is still having nightmares. David catches him trying to stay up by drinking coffee. He reassures Henry that everything will be fine and that he will watch over him, but when he has his nightmare and wakes screaming, it is Regina who comforts him. Henry wonders why she's there instead of David, and she informs him that David got an emergency call and was forced to leave. Henry discovers a burn on his hand, and in a panic realizes that his nightmares are real. Regina calls Mr. Gold over, who kindly gives Henry a necklace that lets him control his actions in the nightmare. The next time he goes to sleep, he is visited by a depressed David, who fears informing Henry he might never see Emma and Mary Margaret again due to Albert Spencer burning the hat out of revenge. Meanwhile, in his nightmare, Henry is delighted to discover that the necklace works, which allows him to put the fires out. He sees a woman and tells her that his name is Henry, and that she should not be afraid. ("Child of the Moon")

When an asleep Henry revisits the Netherworld, the same woman, Aurora, is there and tells Henry she is with his mother and grandmother and that they need his help. Before she can tell him how, he wakes up. Frantically, he tells Regina and David the news. Amidst the good news, he tells Regina that they need help from her mother. Henry agrees to contact Aurora again in the netherworld. Regina and David sit by his bed as Mr. Gold tells Henry that the key to stopping Cora is the squid ink found in the Dark Dungeon. While in this nightmare, Henry tries to tell Aurora about the squid ink, but she cannot hear him and is sucked away. He wakes up and they ask him if he delivered the message. He says that he was not able to tell her. Regina notices a burn on his arm and refuses to send him back as the dreams are physically scorching him. Mr. Gold uses magic to heal Henry's arm. David, too, does not want to send Henry back and instead asks to be put under the sleeping curse.

Later, Henry watches as Regina combines the magical ingredients to form a sleeping curse for David. He asks her if she has stopped using magic. Regina admits to using magic on Daniel, and that she is trying to use it to help. Henry is pleased by this. Regina hands the curse to Mr. Gold who dips it into a needle. David asks Mr. Gold how to find Mary Margaret and he does not know. His finger is pricked, and David falls under the sleeping curse. As David lies asleep, Henry becomes increasingly concerned over why he isn't waking up. ("Into the Deep")

Regina goes to Henry and asks him to watch over David for awhile because she is preparing for Cora's arrival with Mr. Gold. Before she leaves, Regina tells her son that she will do anything in her power to keep Emma and Mary Margaret safe. Later, Henry is awoken by the dwarves because all of the diamonds have disappeared, and they suspect Mr. Gold and Regina. With Ruby, Henry heads to the wishing well where Mr. Gold and Regina have placed an enchantment over it to kill anyone passing through the portal as they believe Cora will come through instead of Emma and Mary Margaret. As Henry confronts Regina, she claims to be protecting Henry from her mother who will destroy everything she loves; including him. Henry pleads for her to believe that Emma and Mary Margaret will be the ones to arrive in Storybrooke. Wishing to earn her son's love, Regina lifts the curse. Soon, Emma and Mary Margaret emerge from the well unscathed and reunite with Henry. They head to the pawnshop where Mary Margaret uses true love's kiss to awaken David from the sleeping curse. Henry hugs his mother; thankful and pleased that she truly has changed. Emma asks Henry if he would like lunch and he, along with Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Ruby and the dwarves, goes to the diner to celebrate. ("Queen of Hearts")

During a welcome home party for Emma and Mary Margaret, Henry hangs out with Regina and has some of her home-cooked lasagna. The next morning, after finishing up breakfast the diner with Emma, they come across a distraught Pongo. Ruby, sensing something is off, goes with Emma to check Archie's office while Henry heads off to the bus stop for school. After school, Henry is saddened to learn that Regina killed Archie. ("The Cricket Game")

Henry tears up at Archie's funeral, and Emma tries her best to console him. After the funeral, he stays in his room and calls Archie's office just to hear the answering message. He is slightly cheered up after Emma gives him Pongo, who he takes outside to clean up. Mary Margaret and David announce that they are house hunting for another place to stay, so Henry draws a blueprint of what Mary Margaret's room will become. Emma notices that Henry has converted her room into an armory. He tells her it is so that they will be protected against Regina. Emma assures him that they will not need it. Then, Pongo is seen acting strangely around the front door. Emma opens the door to see an alive and well Archie, who explains he was abducted by Cora. Emma tells Henry that they need to contact Regina since they wrongfully blamed her for murder, though they may pay the price. ("The Outsider")

Later that night, Emma, David, and Mary Margaret spend the night trying to figure out what to do with a mysterious outsider who crashed into town as Henry is being taken care of by Granny. The following morning, he asks his family about what happened. As they reveal Dr. Whale's identity is Dr. Frankenstein, he realizes the story of Frankenstein doesn't exist in the storybook. He theorizes that if the curse took people from other stories, anyone could be in Storybrooke. Suddenly, Mr. Gold arrives demanding Emma fulfill the long-standing favor she owes him by helping to find his son. He threatens, if Belle is harmed in his absence, then they will all die. At these words, Emma hugs Henry protectively. ("In the Name of the Brother")

In the morning, Emma decides Henry must come with her while she is out of town with Mr. Gold so he'll be safe from Cora. As they drive past Storybrooke's border, Henry witnesses Mr. Gold's spell work, in which he retains his Enchanted Forest memories. Going through the airport metal detector, Mr. Gold is made to take off his shawl, a memento of his son. Overcome with physical weakness after losing the shawl, Mr. Gold takes out his anger on a bathroom paper dispenser, and he only stops when Henry arrives to tell him they are going to board the plane soon. Once they are on the plane to New York, Henry regards their travels excitedly while Emma reassures an unenthusiastic Mr. Gold that they will find his son. ("Tiny")

Arriving in Manhattan by taxi cab, the trio enter a building, where the magic globe previously pinpointed as the location of Mr. Gold's son. They look through the resident names listed on the apartment call buttons until Emma pushes one with no name on it. When the person on the other end picks up, she pretends to be a UPS delivery person. After the call is dropped abruptly, they hear scuffling and rush out to see a hooded man jump down the fire escape and flee from the street. As Emma gives chase, Henry and Mr. Gold spend time together. The older man buys him a hot dog, which the latter thanks him for. Later, the pair head back into the apartment complex to wait for Emma. Henry, noticing how fidgety Mr. Gold is, inquiries why he's nervous to see his son again. The boy recalls how happy he himself was to be reunited with Emma, but Mr. Gold hints that he and his son did not part on good terms. Henry reassures him that no matter what happened between them in the past, what counts now is that Mr. Gold wants his son back. When Emma returns to tell Mr. Gold that his son got away, he presses all the call buttons until one of the residents buzzes the front gate open. Going upstairs, Mr. Gold then pick locks his son's apartment door so he can search the room for clues about him. Noticing Emma's fixation on a dream catcher, he angrily confronts her about withholding information, and as his tone becomes threatening, she sends Henry to wait in the bathroom. Moments later, the boy hears shouting and returns to the room, where he sees Mr. Gold's son, Neal. Emma attempts to lead Henry out when Neal, realizing the child is his son, persistently asks for his age. Emma reluctantly admits to the truth as an upset Henry runs to the fire escape. Joining him, Emma apologizes for lying about his father, to which he likens her to Regina, who has lied to him as well. Later, Henry and Neal introduce themselves to each other and share a quiet moment on the balcony. From the window, Mr. Gold ominously recalls the Seer's prophecy about a boy leading him to his son, but who will also be his undoing. ("Manhattan")

In a short span of time, Henry and Neal develop a close bond and walk together on the streets as Emma and Mr. Gold follow behind closely. The father-son duo enter a store to grab some pizza and exit carrying a few slices. When Emma queries her son on how he likes the food, Henry states it is good, cheesy and doesn't lie; with the last part proving he is still angry at her for lying about his father. For their next outing, Neal suggests going to the museum, so the foursome return to the apartment to fetch Henry's camera. While Henry and Neal are upstairs, Emma defends Mr. Gold from a surprise assault from Hook, who she knocks out cold. Mr. Gold, stabbed and poisoned by Hook, is helped upstairs to the apartment. After Emma and Neal leave the room briefly, Henry offers to help Mr. Gold, who angrily tells him to stay away. Believing Henry is the boy in the seer's prophecy, he openly blames him for the grievous injury. Unsure what to make of the older man's reaction, Henry sits back as Emma and Neal try to treat Mr. Gold's wound. ("The Queen Is Dead")

On the way back to Storybrooke, Henry and Neal steer the Jolly Roger together. When they arrive in town, Mr. Gold states that he needs David, Emma, Neal, and Mary Margaret to come to his shop. Henry asks Emma if this means he will be going with Ruby, to which she replies yes. Before they leave, Henry assures them that they will get Cora. ("The Miller's Daughter")

In the apartment, Henry notices Mary Margaret is bedridden and refusing food. Confused, he asks Emma, and she says Mary Margaret is sick. However, Henry can tell she is lying. Eventually, she admits Mary Margaret is partially responsible for Cora's death. Mr. Gold visits to warn them about Regina's plans to get revenge on Mary Margaret. On David's insistence, Mr. Gold agrees to help them stop her. After investigating the vault, they find Regina intends to cast a "curse of the empty-hearted". The curse, when cast on someone—namely Henry—can make the caster think the person loves her. Furthermore, Mr. Gold explains, in order to enact the curse, Regina needs the heart of the person she hates—Mary Margaret. He suggests they end this feud by killing Regina, which a horrified Henry speaks out against. When no one else objects, he dashes out of the apartment. Emma catches up and hauls him to the diner where Neal tries to convince Henry that Storybrooke is not safe for him, and he needs to move to New York. Instead, Henry thinks it's best to get rid of magic so Regina can't use the curse, and everyone won't be out for her blood. When Neal presses the New York issue, he finally agrees to move out of town. After excusing himself to the bathroom, Henry flees through the woods and steals dynamite from the mines. He prepares to light it to blow up the wishing well, but Regina stops him. Henry pleads for his mother to not cast the curse, especially since it won't make him truly love her. David, Emma and Neal arrive for a showdown with Regina, though Henry ceases their fighting. Henry believes the problem is everyone as magic is corrupting everyone. To placate him, Regina burns the curse parchment. He thanks her and leaves with David, Emma and Neal. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

August, after hiding out due to his still wooden state, is discovered by Mary Margaret. Henry and David join Emma, Marco and Mary Margaret on a walk to the sheriff's office where they believe August may be in trouble. As they reach the building, everyone witnesses August stumble out and collapse on the ground. Before he dies, August attempts to give Emma the name of the person who harmed him, but only manages to say "her". Henry realizes August can have a second chance at life if he has proven his actions to be selfless, brave and true. Agreeing with his opinion, Mother Superior tests out her wand on August and successfully reverts him into a seven-year-old Pinocchio. On their return to the apartment, Emma apologizes to Henry for lying to him about Neal and promises to not lie again. They make up with a hug and then go upstairs together. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

On a trip to the park, Henry and Neal practice wooden sword fighting. At the end of the day, Neal carries an asleep Henry home, and Emma tucks him into bed. ("Lacey")

While tending to birdhouses, Henry is caught off guard by Regina, who shows him a magic bean she intends to use to bring the both of them back to the Enchanted Forest. Upset that the townspeople kept the magic beans a secret from her, Regina informs him about a "fail-safe" that can erase Storybrooke. At first, Henry believes she means to wipe out the town and bring everyone to the Enchanted Forest. However, he is shocked she actually wants to kill everyone so they can be together without interference. Henry threatens to warn the townspeople about her plan, but she cast a spell to impair his memory of the entire conversation. Later, in the apartment, Henry overhears Emma telling Mary Margaret a theory that Tamara is the "her" August was trying to warn them about. With Emma, they have a stakeout in the car outside of the inn to wait for Neal and Tamara to leave the premises. When Henry talks about having wanted to experience new things in the Enchanted Forest, he discovers from Emma that there is a way to go there, despite that she keeps denying it. After Neal and his lover finally leave, Emma begins pick locking Tamara's room. Once the door is open, she instructs Henry to keep watch and if someone comes, he must kick the door. Distracted, Henry doesn't see Neal return until it's too late and hastily begins kicking the door. Neal figures out something is up and bursts into the room. Emma confesses she believes Tamara is the "her" August spoke of. Despite the far-fetchedness of the situation, Neal allows Emma to look under the floorboards. She finds nothing incriminating, and abruptly leaves with Henry. While dining on ice cream, Henry affirms that he believes Emma is right about Tamara. ("The Evil Queen")

A day later, Regina has mysteriously disappeared, and Henry, Emma, David and Mary Margaret inspect the mayoral office with the intent of confronting her about the missing magic beans, but she is not there. Henry is horrified at the prospect his adoptive mother might be in real danger, though Emma assures him they will find her. When they discover the beans Regina stole from the fields are also gone, and somebody used an override code to break in to the office, Henry becomes convinced something bad did happen to Regina. Instinctively, Emma knows this must is Tamara's doing, and heads back to the bed and breakfast to look into it. ("Second Star to the Right")

In the park, Granny watches over Henry playing on a swing while his family is trying to find Regina. At a distance, Mr. Gold schemes to keep the seer's prophecy from coming true by causing the boy's demise. He begins loosening the swing rope little by little with the hopes Henry will fall onto a nearby sharp rock. While this occurs, Henry remains unaware of the danger he is in. Mr. Gold moves to deliver the finishing magic blow to the rope material, but the sound of a car door slamming startles him into stopping. From a parked truck, David, Emma and Mary Margaret make their way on foot to pick up Henry. Surprised to see Mr. Gold, David and Mary Margaret prepare to tell him about Neal while Emma is urged on to speak with Henry. Emma approaches and pulls Henry to a nearby bench to break the terrible news about Neal's death to him.

Heartbroken over his father's passing, Henry returns with the trio to the apartment, where he has a warm reunion with a fully recovered Regina. A sudden quake erupts, and according to Regina, this means the trigger is activated. A verbal battle breaks out between Henry's two mothers, which he douses by telling them the only way to save the town is for them to work together. Henry takes to mean they are all going to die, but is reminded by her that he was born in this world and won't be affected. This gives him an even more dreadful conclusion of being all alone. Emma promises she won't let that happen and orders Regina to make the trigger stop, but there is no way of doing that. Tension fills the air when Emma blames Regina for the current dilemma, to which Henry intervenes. Just then, Hook strolls in; earning himself a punch from David's fist. Despite an undeniable wish for vengeance, Hook has decided to align himself away from Greg and Tamara since realizing revenge is not worthy if he is going to lose his own life in the process. Regina makes it clear there is no terminating the trigger and the best she can do is to slow it down. David suggests the delay will give them more time to steal back the remaining beans from Greg and Tamara, use them to open portals, and travelling to the Enchanted Forest. Emma points out no one knows their current whereabouts, though Hook chimes in he knows. To keep the pirate from betraying them, David goes along with him. A plan assembles for everyone else in the group; Mary Margaret will take Henry to gather up the rest of the townspeople while Emma brings Regina to the mines to stall the trigger's power. Before Henry leaves, Regina makes her last amends by apologizing to him for not being a better person and mother. She reaffirms her love for him, which he reciprocates back.

Having retrieved at least one magic bean, David and Hook return to the diner where some of the townspeople are grouped. Henry questions where his adoptive mother is, and Emma tells him that she is in the mines slowing down the trigger, but will not be able to make it out. This angers Henry; comparing this event to the Wraith attack and how are things different this time around. This gives Mary Margaret an idea—they can send the trigger through a portal just like they did with the Wraith. Emma doesn't believe anyone is willing to go through with such a risky plan, but Archie persuades her it's the right thing to do. He talks about in the past when Mary Margaret was Snow White and David was Prince Charming, who led all of them without fail, and asks who is inclined to allow them to do it again, to which everyone follows suit in agreement. Mary Margaret knows she and David haven't had a lot of time to be parents, but asks for chance to be trusted, though Emma is concerned Henry will be alone and grow up just like herself. Another rumble tremors through town, which pushes Emma to think they'd all be better off making it out now by using the bean, but Mary Margaret's lingering guilt about Cora forces a moral obligation to do otherwise. She pleads to Emma that Cora's death was the easy way out as well as a mistake, and this time around they must take the hard path to building a future not at the cost of Regina's blood. Emma finally agrees, but as David tosses her the bean container, Hook snatches it in mid-air. She makes him give it back, which he pretends to do by handing back the box and makes off with the actual bean.

Down in the mines, Henry and his family meet up with Regina, and he announces it is their turn to be heroes. David, Henry and Mary Margaret stand back as Emma prepares to take out the bean, but discovers Hook tricked them. Regina's frustration in not being able to contain the trigger causes Emma to realize she does not have enough strength on her own, but perhaps together they do. Combining their magic powers, an impact blow in deactivating the trigger causes everyone present to be thrown back onto the ground. After the danger is over, David expresses relief since they listened to Henry about not leaving Regina behind. However, Henry is nowhere to be seen. They find his backpack on the ground with torn straps. Emma deducts he has been kidnapped.

Outside, Greg and Tamara drag Henry towards the harbor. Tamara ensures Henry they will not hurt him, to which he replies they will hurt everyone he loves, and just tried to destroy his hometown. In turn, she counters back it was never their true intention. Greg reveals they wanted to put an end to magic, but found something much more valuable—him. Though Henry's family rush to save to stop them, they are not fast enough. The duo use their last magic bean to open a portal to Neverland; prompting the twosome to force Henry to jump in with them. ("And Straight On 'Til Morning")

Landing on the shores of Neverland's island, Henry attempts to make a hasty escape, but is swiftly caught by a water soaked Greg. Gleefully, Tamara remarks their mission has been accomplished, though Henry threatens that both of his mothers will be coming to save him. Greg dusts off his hopes by pointing out this new world is not anything like Storybrooke, and when Henry insists his family has been to the Enchanted Forest before, Tamara makes it known they are actually in Neverland. While she tries to use a communicator to let their employers, the Home Office, know they are present, Henry badgers Greg about who they work for and how they will get back home after magic is destroyed. To both questions, Greg remains tight-lipped, and stresses they don't need to know much about the Home Office, and believing in their cause alone is enough. Tamara interrupts to bring attention to the communicator's ineffectiveness, to which Greg opens the battery case to discover it's filled with sand. Shocked, she murmurs in disbelief of the current situation. Henry interjects it's good they don't ask any questions, causing Tamara to feel doubtful of the Home Office, but Greg presses on into the jungle where he starts a campfire as a signal. With what occurred earlier still fresh in Tamara's mind, she wonders if the empty communicator wasn't an accident, but Greg just thinks Henry's previous words are simply getting to her head.

Hearing nearby rustling, the brush parts to reveal a group of boys led by Felix. Greg demands to know who they are, and Felix states they are the Home Office. Unnerved, Tamara can't believe they've been working for a bunch of teenagers, but Henry corrects her to say they are Lost Boys. He asks the them why they want to destroy magic, but Felix acknowledges that was never their intention. Stunned, Greg says that was their mission, though Felix deflects the statement by countering that's what he and Tamara were told, and asks for Henry to be handed over. Refusing to comply, Tamara wants answers about the actual plan for magic and getting home, but is told they won't be going anywhere. Upset at being duped, Greg resists giving Henry over to them. With an ease, Felix, the lead Lost Boy, calls upon the Shadow, who rips out Greg's shadow; killing him. Urged by Tamara to run, he makes off deeper into the jungle while the Lost Boys follow him. By chance, Henry is pulled into a hiding spot by an ex-Lost Boy, and together they move to a safer location.

Along the way, the boy and Henry exchange stories. The boy was taken by Pan's Shadow to the island, but upon realizing Neverland for what it really was, he stole pixie dust from Pan, only to discover it does not work. Henry tells him of his abduction by Tamara and Greg and how his family is probably on their way to save him now. His new friend questions this, seeing as he has no proof. Henry assuredly replies his family is different and they always find each other. With the Lost Boys still on their tail, the boy reveals there is one place on the island where they can't be tracked—the Echo Caves, to which they make their way towards.

Hearing voices in the distance, the two are nearing the caves, but the Lost Boys cut off their only path there, so they change directions and end up trapped at a cliff edge. The boy suggests giving up the pixie dust so the Lost Boys might let them live, but Henry thinks there is a way out. He takes the pixie dust and prepares himself and the boy to jump. The boy is skeptical, but Henry promises it will work since he believes, and after leaping off the cliff, he uncaps the vial to let the pixie dust out, which helps the both of them to magically fly off into the sky.

Once they ascend to the ground, the boy changes his demeanor, and surprises Henry by knowing his name. The boy answers the latter's confusion by revealing himself to be Pan and states Henry's importance as he has the heart of the truest believer. Pulling out a blade, Pan brings forth the other Lost Boys to surround and close in on a dumbfounded Henry. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

Unconscious under a tree, Henry is awakened by Pan. After being thrown an apple, he states his dislike for apples. Pan reassures him it's not for eating, but for target practice. Gathered together with the other Lost Boys, Henry is given a crossbow to shoot the placed apple on Felix’s head. Pan eggs Henry on as the Lost Boys begin chanting for him to do so. Tentatively, Henry readies his aim at the apple as Pan promises him the act will be “exhilarating”. At the last moment, he changes his target and fires the shaft at Pan, who catches the arrow with ease. Instead of being angry, Pan looks at Henry with satisfaction and says he has something to show him. As they move away, Pan explains the benefits of Neverland as a place no one ever tells anyone what to do. Henry doesn't think he belongs on the island, but Pan states they have all been waiting for him for a very long time. He exemplifies that Neverland runs on the power of belief, but Henry’s world is no longer full of magic because the people there have stopped believing. Pan calls Henry the savior of magic, and believes it was not a coincidence that a child was born from the greatest of light and dark. Then, he takes out a piece of rolled up paper and hands it to Henry. Pan guarantees once it’s opened, Henry will understand why he believes him to be the hero that magic so desperately needs. After accepting the paper, Henry tosses it to the ground and says he doesn't believe him. Smirking, Pan conveys Henry’s resemblance to his father. Reflecting on what Pan told him, Henry picks up the paper scroll and unrolls it. In shock, he sees an exact parchment drawing of himself. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

During the night, the Lost Boys rejoice with music and dance, but Henry refuses to participate. He think there is anything to celebrate, though Pan stresses the festivity is everyone welcoming him as the savior of magic. Pan tries to encourage him with a flute song to join in, but Henry doesn't hear anything. Surprised, Pan begins explaining how his flute works to draw in certain people. As Henry inquires what kind of people, Pan responds he'll find out soon enough and leaves abruptly to speak with Felix.

The same evening, Mr. Gold infiltrate Pan’s base to put Henry and everyone there to sleep. Neal, using an arrow shaft coated in squid ink, tricks Pan into catching it in mid-air; thus freezing him in place. Mr. Gold and Neal make off with a slumbering Henry, but not before Pan blurts out the truth about the prophecy. Once away from Pan, Neal learns from his father's past intentions in keeping the prophecy from coming true by killing Henry. Losing trust in him, Neal takes Henry and leaves, but is quickly intercepted by Pan and the Lost Boys. Groggily, Henry begins waking up in the middle of confrontation between Neal and Pan. While Henry is brought away by Felix, Neal is dragged away to an unknown holding place, though he promises to come back for his son.

Waking up back in Pan's camp, Henry's recollection is fuzzy. Pan states he was just asleep, but Henry remembers, while asleep, hearing his father calling him. Henry shrugs it off as only a dream, so Pan asks how he is so sure. Reluctantly, he admits his father is dead. Pan gives condolences; remarking it makes sense for him to dream about the things he lost and hopes for such as his father being alive or his mother coming to rescue him, but eventually, he'll find new things to dream about and when that happens, they will start to come true. Henry wonders how he knows, to which Pan says that's what he once did. Pan reveals Neverland used to be a place where new dreams are born and believes Henry can bring that magic back. He also offers up himself and the Lost Boys as Henry's new family. Then, Pan announces he will be playing a song in honor of Henry. This time, Henry hears the pipe notes and is drawn into the dancing crowd. ("Nasty Habits")

Presumably, at a later time, Henry sits down to watch some of the Lost Boys have a rope climbing competition. From behind, one of the boys, Devin, sneaks up and startles him with a poke from a wooden sword. Devin is unimpressed and asks if he's the boy Pan has been searching for so long. Henry begins backing away from Devin's pointed weapon and dodges a hit. Smugly, Devin apprises Henry over is lack of battle skills and asks how will he be ready for what Pan has in store for him. The whole camp stops to watch as Henry is left little choice but to pick up a stick to repeatedly block against Devin's incoming jabs. Pan, who has been observing the fight, beckons Henry to use his power of belief to turn the stick into a real sword. Closing his eyes, Henry follows Pan's instructions and peeks in astonishment to see a sharp, gleaming sword in his hands. Then, a duel begins between himself and Devin, who steadily loses as Henry, driven on by the cheers of the Lost Boys, slashes his opponent's weapon to bits. He takes things up a notch by drawing blood on Devin's cheek, but in regret, drops his sword and apologizes for the blow. While Devin nurses his wound, Pan picks up the fallen sword and puts it back in Henry's hand while attesting Lost Boys never have to apologize. Then, he raises Henry's arm into the air as the Lost Boys roar in praise. Henry, relishing in their approval, leaves his sword arm up in confidence.

Left alone, Henry is once again nudged by Devin. Warily, he expresses disinterest in having another fight, but Devin, manipulated by Regina after having his heart stolen, says he came to deliver a message. Pushing Henry further away so no one overhears their conversation, Devin states his family is in Neverland and coming for him. Henry thinks he is lying to get back at him, so the boy gives one half of a compact mirror with the faces of Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina peering out. Still not convinced, he believes it to be a trick until Emma indicates their plan to save him is "Operation Cobra Rescue". With his faith in them re-instilled, Henry spies Pan approaching, so he hastily says goodbye and hides the compact mirror by throwing it into a bush. ("Good Form")

Henry is invited by Pan on a stroll to somewhere special he'd like to show him. He doesn't budge and refuses to go anywhere, so Pan asks why. Henry calls him out for lying since he knows his family is in Neverland. Pan wants to know how he found out, but Henry is tight-lipped on the matter and refuses to say. Switching gears, Pan goes for Henry's weak spot by raising the question of why his family hasn't come for him if they are on the island. Henry thinks he is purposely keeping them away. Pan swears he's done no such thing, yet Henry has his doubts. He's suspicious about Pan's constant disappearances into the jungle; proving there is something to hide. Henry vows to find out exactly what is going on and leaves camp.

Hidden behind a tree, he overhears Pan assigning Felix to deliver supplies to the other side of the island. Curious about what could be there, Henry secretly trails Felix the entire way. At one point, he nearly gives himself away by stepping on a branch, but hides out of sight just in time as Felix turns to look around. Still pacing behind, Henry sees Felix drop a bagful of fruit on the ground, but doesn't stop to pick it up. After Felix continues trekking to his destination, Henry grabs the bag and hears someone coughing in the near distance.

He searches for the source of the sound, entering a small cave and climbing up a ladder, into a room housing a sickly bedridden young girl. She cautions he shouldn't be here, but Henry had a hunch that Pan was keeping his family trapped in the area. He doesn't understand why she is so far from the camp. She clarifies that her illness has forced Pan to keep the everyone away as he is afraid they will get sick too. When questioned, she says her name is Wendy, to which he recognizes her as one of the Darlings. He sits down on the bed to introduce himself and asks what's making her feel unwell. Wendy ominously talks about the island's power fading away and though she's been in Neverland for a long time, it's affecting her more so than the other residents. As Wendy looks at him, she sees Henry's resemblance to his father and discloses they were friends a long time ago. Additionally, she describes how his father, willing to do anything for her family, once saved her brothers from danger. Her cough begins acting up again, causing Henry to worry, but she ushers him to leave. Wishing to help, Henry wonders if there's something he can do. She would rather he stay away and not catch her illness since Pan is already doing everything possible, yet there is not enough magic. He insists there must be a way, though Wendy firmly cuts Henry off and pushes him to go. He sets the bag of fruit on the bed and gets up to depart. Before exiting, Henry vows to come back for her.

Wandering through the wilderness, Henry is paid a visit from Pan. He's extremely upset at Pan for keeping Wendy a secret. Pan acknowledges Wendy is dying because magic on the island is slipping away and specifically didn't tell him so he wouldn't have the burden on his shoulders. Henry decides he wants to help, so Pan brings him to a rocky shore. In the distance, a smaller island sits at sea, which Henry knows as Skull Rock. Pan explicates that the inside of Skull Rock is where their salvation awaits and only the heart of the truest believer--Henry--can bring it out, despite that the task won't be easy, as it will require heroism and sacrifice. The only remaining question is if Henry is up for the task, which he complies with. ("Dark Hollow")

Henry watches Pan cover up a sickly Wendy with a blanket. He is told that by becoming the savior, he'll not only save Wendy, but everyone else, too. To this, he becomes more determined to do what must be done. By rowboat, they head out to Skull Rock. Pan draws a line on the ground just below the stairs, which he says is a protection spell. They ascend to the top level containing a large hourglass with a timer in the form of sand flowing from the upper to lower part of the structure. Pan elaborates that it shows how much magic Neverland has before all of it runs out. Henry waits while Pan excuses himself to take care of something else. A short time later, he returns and informs Henry of what must take place by asking for his heart. At first, Henry takes it to mean he must believe for magic to be saved, but in actuality, Pan needs his actual heart. Despite that Pan sugarcoats the legacy Henry will leave behind as the greatest of all heroes, he asks for the truth. Upon learning the price is he must stay on the island forever, Henry has no qualms about resigning himself to that kind of fate. To get started, Pan magically enchants Henry's hand and then urges him to pull out his own heart. He manages to take it out just as Emma, Neal and Regina rush upon the scene. Henry is stunned to see his father is alive and listens as they plead for him not to go through with the sacrifice. He is conflicted when they claim Pan is being dishonest with him. Pan, however, counters by saying his family are the ones who are lying to keep Henry from doing what should be done for the greater good. Henry chooses to stick with the plan and after saying farewell to them, he jams his heart into Pan's chest and collapses. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

Aboard the Jolly Roger, Henry is resurrected after Regina steals back his heart from Pan. He apologizes to his family for making them worry, but just wanted to save magic and be a hero. They all welcome Henry back warmly, and then Regina takes him down to a room below deck to tuck him into bed. Before she leaves him to rest, Regina casts a protection spell so no one can ever take out his heart again. Once he is alone, Pan manifests and threatens Henry with a knife. Pan makes another attempt to take his heart, which fails, so he begins ripping out Henry's shadow. Mr. Gold defends his grandson by opening Pandora's Box to absorb Pan into it. Just before this occurs, Pan secretly switches bodies with Henry at the last moment. Stunned, Henry starts to shout just as he, in Pan's body, is sucked into the box. ("Save Henry")

At the other side of Storybrooke's town line, Henry, stuck in Pan's body, is released out of the box while Emma points a gun at his direction and interrogates him about using the Shadow to kill someone. To prove himself as the real Henry, Emma asks him to tell her the very first time he and she connected together. Henry recalls the incident occurred at his castle playground when he understood why Emma gave him up at birth, which was to let him have the best chance in life. In relief, she and Henry hug in reconciliation. With Belle, David, Emma, Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold, they head to the vault where Regina took "Henry" for protection. Hook, Neal and Tinker Bell are already waiting there, though the vault is locked, so Mr. Gold busts the door open with magic. Inside, Regina is awakened after Pan, in Henry's body, previously knocked her out. She is shocked to learn Pan has been impersonating Henry. Regina is saddened to have fallen for Pan's tricks as she had hoped her son needed her. Henry attests that he still does need her and warmly embraces a tearful Regina. However, more trouble brews, as they discover Pan took the scroll for the Dark Curse. ("The New Neverland")

Mr. Gold shares with everyone of the only viable way to stop Pan's curse is for Regina, as the original caster of the Dark Curse, to undo it by destroying the scroll, though there will be a steep price for this. They plan to switch Henry back to his own body so he will be in possession of the scroll and bring it to Regina. Mr. Gold can perform the spell, but needs a strong outlet in order for it to work. Tinker Bell has knowledge of a powerful Black Fairy wand that Mother Superior kept, so she, David, Hook and Neal go to retrieve it from the convent nuns. David, Hook and Neal arrive back with the wand. Before getting started, Mr. Gold clasps a bracelet on Henry, which will absorb away Pan's magic, after their bodies are switched back. Henry's spirit travels out of Pan into his body, and he rushes out of the clock tower just as his family and their allies find him. Regina passes out after taking the scroll and awakens with knowledge of the price for stopping the curse. They are accosted by Pan as he steals back the scroll and freezes them in place. The showdown ends when Mr. Gold summons the dagger and stabs Pan as well as himself with it; killing both of them. Regina reveals the price for stopping the curse is all former Enchanted Forest inhabitants will be sent back to their old world while Storybrooke will disappear out of existence. Because Henry was not born there, it would not be possible for him to be taken back, too. Urged by Regina, Emma decides to stay behind with him. At the town border, he says goodbye to his grandparents. To Regina, Henry blames himself, as everything would have never occurred had he not sought out Emma. He admits being wrong about believing Regina did not love him while she regrets casting a curse out of vengeance. When Regina calls herself a villain who can't have a happy ending, he corrects her; saying she is simply his mother. Lastly, Henry bids farewell to his father. As Emma drives out of Storybrooke with Henry, their memories are altered by Regina. ("Going Home")

Before Second Curse

Directly after driving out of Storybrooke, Henry and Emma obtain false memories of their life together. They recall a fire breaking out in Emma's apartment in Boston, which causes them to start afresh in New York. ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")

During Second Curse

A year later, Henry and Emma are having breakfast in their New York apartment. She goes to answer the door, but does not recognize the man who claims to know her. After Emma shuts the door in the stranger's face, Henry asks about who was at the door, but she apparently doesn't know him. ("Going Home")

Over the course of eight months, Emma dates a man named Walsh, who Henry takes a liking to. One night, Emma is proposed to by Walsh, though she is hesitant to say yes. Henry urges Emma to accept, since Walsh has proven himself to be a kind and loving man, and won't leave her like his biological father did. In the morning, Henry sends a text to Walsh asking him to come over for dinner at eight o'clock. Later, Emma realizes that he is right and the past is keeping her from looking forward, which Henry humorously takes to mean she is going to marry Walsh. Henry mentions the pre-scheduled date she and Walsh will be having and has already decided to sleep over at a friend's house so they can have privacy. The following day, he learns Emma did not accept Walsh's marriage proposal. As Henry begins prepping to head off to school, Emma suggests that they take time off and go on a trip. A guest arrives at the apartment, who Henry recognizes as the same man that came to their door as well as the person Emma had arrested for assaulting her. She introduces him to Henry as Killian, a client from work. Shortly after, the three travel via car to the town of Storybrooke. ("New York City Serenade")

Henry spends the night at Mary Margaret's loft. In the morning, he orders a cup of hot cocoa at the diner. When the waitress, Ruby, brings him the cocoa, he is surprised that his favorite—cinnamon—is already added in, which she apparently knew from guessing. Shortly after, he is introduced to Mary Margaret and David. He learns she has history with his mother since they were cellmates in Phoenix. Henry probes her about whether or not she knew his biological father when a woman at the counter, upon seeing him, drops a cup. The woman apologizes for startling him, which he accepts. Later, he is left with Mary Margaret after Emma leaves to take care of some business. Mary Margaret suggests bringing him to the library since he enjoys reading, and Henry agrees. At the end of the day, while playing a video game in the apartment, Emma formally introduces him to the woman from the diner, the mayor, Regina Mills, who proposes that she give him a town tour and even go for ice cream sometime. He accepts her offer, and they shake hands. ("Witch Hunt")

Henry spends the day with Regina, in which she treats him to ice cream and they take a walk in the park. He is adjusting well to Storybrooke, and although used to the city life of New York, the largeness of it often makes him feel alone. Henry relates his concerns about his mother to Regina, suspecting she dragged him to Storybrooke for more than work-related business, and believes Emma is struggling since turning down Walsh's proposal. Though not knowing how things ended between the two, Henry is fond of Walsh, since he spent the holidays with him and Emma. Regina implies that he may have many relatives to spend festivities with someday; referencing herself and the rest of his family that the boy doesn't remember. ("The Tower")

During one morning, Henry notices Emma didn't come home last night. She states it is work-related and interests him in going fishing with Leroy and his friends. Henry agrees, but knows she is hiding something. He is suspicious about all the people she knows in town and how they seem to whisper secretively around him. Reluctantly, Emma holds back and asks for his trust until she can tell him the truth. After a day of fishing, Henry meets up with Emma, who sadly reveals her reason for coming to Storybrooke was to save his biological father from bad people, but she was too late and he died as a result. ("Quiet Minds")

Henry attends the funeral of his father, Neal, despite knowing nothing about him except that he abandoned his mother years ago. Afterwards, at the diner, Killian takes him out to the docks to learn more about Neal. They go boating and then settle by a campfire where Henry is given a pamphlet to practice making various ship knots. Once the sky is dark enough, Killian shows him a sextant, which he once used to teach Neal to navigate the seas by reading the stars. This puzzles Henry seeing as Killian and his father are supposed to be around the same age. Rather than let Killian teach him to use the sextant, he wants to know something factual about Neal in order to come to terms with his death. Henry learns Hook taught his father how to sail when Neal, as a boy, had just lost his own father. Hook comforts him with the knowledge that Henry and his father aren't so different. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Once again, Emma is busy with other matters and leaves Henry in Hook's hands. They spend time at the diner where Hook teaches him how to cheat at a dice game. In a short time, Hook departs to attend to business, to which David and Mary Margaret entertain Henry by letting him drive a truck. The test run ends badly with Henry decimating a mailbox after crashing the vehicle into it. Even so, he has a good time and returns to the apartment in high spirits to tell Emma about his adventures. Once Regina hears of this, she initially reacts with motherly outrage, but then calmly explains that as mayor, it's her job to keep underage minors from driving. That night, Henry joins David, Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina for a meal at the diner. ("The Jolly Roger")

One morning at the inn, Henry sees Regina and a man kissing. When Emma takes off again claiming to be following up a lead, he asks if it has to do with his biological father. Reluctantly, she affirms it, but shuts down the conversation when he questions her judgement in refusing to tell the truth. As she heads out, Henry requests her set keys to access the inn room, but uses another key to unlock her car. Hook stops him from leaving town on his own and claims to have a better way. Henry follows Hook to the docks where the man's friend, Smee, is going to take him out of Storybrooke on a boat. Before they can, several flying monkeys attack. Seeking cover in a warehouse, Hook orders Smee to find another boat and escape with Henry. As the boy tries to follow after Smee, he trips on rope just as a flying monkey descends towards him. Fortunately, Emma shoots it and saves him. She asks Henry to believe in magic, and as proof, he takes the fairytale storybook. Once his hands touch the book, he regains a flurry of memories. Remembering Regina as his mother, Henry hugs her, but then Zelena begins suffocating him as a result of Hook's failure to abide by her orders to take away Emma's magic. With Regina knocked out by Zelena, Emma magically scalds the witch; forcing her to let go of Henry. In the aftermath, Henry checks up on Regina, who promises to never leave him again. She plants a kiss on his forehead; triggering the effects of true love's kiss and breaking the new curse. Henry is introduced to Regina's boyfriend, Robin Hood, and later visits Neal's grave with Emma. ("A Curious Thing")

After Second Curse

While Mary Margaret is going into labor at the hospital, Emma creates a protective shield around the room. With Hook, she leaves to take care of Zelena while Henry stays under Regina's care. In the hospital waiting room, he looks through newspaper advertisements for apartments in the hopes of finding a new place for Emma in town. Beside him, Archie engages him in conversation. He explains to his former psychiatrist that after the baby arrives, the apartment will be too crowded. So, he intends to spend at least some of his time at Regina's house, though Emma herself will need her own space. Despite Henry's good intentions, Archie questions whether he has actually asked Emma if she wants to stay in town. Puzzled, the boy wonders why that is necessary since Storybrooke is his and Emma's home. Once Emma's magic is stripped, the protective shield around the delivery room fades as the Zelena approaches to steal the newborn for a time spell. Before she arrives, Regina ushers Henry to go with Archie and lock themselves in a closet. In the aftermath, Zelena successfully makes off with the infant, but due to Henry's belief that Regina possesses light magic, she defeats her sister and stops the time spell from being enacted. Rather than condemn her to death, Regina spares Zelena's life. With the baby returned to Mary Margaret, Henry meets his new uncle for the first time. Unseen to them, Mr. Gold later kills Zelena; accidentally triggering magic in her pendant, which activates the time spell. ("Kansas")

Finally finding the perfect apartment listing in town for them, Henry shows it to Emma, who avoids the topic and asks him to help her parents pick a name for her new baby brother. During a diner celebration welcoming his grandparents' son, Henry casually rereads the storybook tale of how Prince Charming and Snow White met. As Emma and Hook join the table, David and Mary Margaret bicker over who saved who during their first encounter. The conversation turns awkward when Hook implies Emma wishes to return to New York, especially when Regina questions her further on the subject matter. Henry tries to talk with Emma about the issue, but she responds by leaving the diner. Before Hook chases after her, Henry hands over the storybook and asks him to use it to remind Emma where she comes from. Suddenly, the boy notices something strange outside the window; a beam of light radiating to the sky. A quick investigation proves the time spell has mysteriously activated and that Zelena herself has strangely vanished. Though no one dares to go near the time portal, Emma and Hook end up going to the past where they recreate a past meeting between Prince Charming and Snow White. Travelling back to the present, Emma decides Storybrooke is home; a decision that pleases Henry. After she fills him and her parents in about her recent adventures in the past, David and Mary Margaret announce they are naming their son after a true hero—Neal. ("Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home")

That same night, Henry exits the diner with David, Hook and Mary Margaret only to see a heated confrontation taking place between Robin Hood's apparently deceased wife, Marian, who Emma saved from a past timeline by bringing to the present, and a silent Regina. Not knowing Regina as anyone except the Evil Queen, Marian condemns her as a monster. Regina withdraws from the argument by walking away as does Marian. Concerned about the situation, Henry anxiously wonders if Regina will become evil again. He hopes not since she has come too far to go back to her old ways. The next morning, Henry and Emma follow behind on the street as David and Mary Margaret take their son out in his stroller. Emma talks to Henry about having no luck getting in touch with Regina through the phone. He decides to try calling his adoptive mother instead as Regina might not want to talk to Emma. While he stays behind to dial her number, David keeps him company. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Attempting to reach out to Regina, Henry packs a basket full of chocolate, DVDs, ice cream and red wine to cheer her up, but a raven, carrying a message from his mother, arrives. In the letter, Regina states that she would rather not see Henry as she deals with her emotions. After reading the note, a crestfallen Henry is hurt by her decision and runs away to the diner where Emma explains that it isn't that Regina doesn't want to, but she's in a lot of pain and needs space. As they are talking, the power goes out. Emma is radioed by David, who reports the entire town is caught in a blackout. Before David arrives to pick her up so they can check things out, she asks Henry if he wants to come along; even jokingly suggesting various operation names for this mission. Still depressed over Regina's rejection, Henry declines. ("White Out")

Deciding he wants his false memories back, Henry goes to the pawnshop to find Mr. Gold. Upon arrival there, he discovers someone may have entered as the door lock is broken. When Belle and Mr. Gold return, Henry requests alone time with his grandfather. Shortly after Belle leaves, he asks to reacquire his false memories because Regina is currently not speaking to him. Mr. Gold declines since having both good and bad memories are essential to a person's character. He also emphasizes the fact Henry has the blood of the Dark One as well as the blood of the savior in his veins and shouldn't give up on Regina. As Henry begins departing, Mr. Gold asks him to pay for the broken lock as he assumes the boy had forcibly entered the pawnshop earlier. Instead, Henry notes the lock was already busted when he arrived.[1][2]

Later, Henry returns to the apartment where the blackout ends shortly after David, Hook, and a new ally, Elsa, are warming up a weakened Emma, who is suffering from exposure to extreme cold. As he goes to make her hot cocoa, Emma draws him into a hug; apologizing for not being helpful earlier in the diner. Nonetheless, Henry is grateful she is okay; stating that he couldn't lose her too after Regina. As David promises to help Elsa find her sister and talks about how their family never gives up hope, Henry realizes he himself shouldn't stop trying with Regina. Outside her house, he shouts through the door; telling her of his intentions of coming back everyday until she opens up. Clearly moved, she unlocks the door and they hug. ("White Out")

Henry, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate at the diner, is visited by Regina, who gifts him comic books. When she prods him about the storybook author, he realizes there is more to her questions. Regina admits plans of asking the author for her own happy ending. Pleased with the idea, Henry agrees they must change her story in the book since she is not that person anymore. He suggests they work on it as a secret mission, which leads to Regina naming the assignment "Operation Mongoose". In a panic, Robin Hood arrives to ask her for help curing Marian after she collapsed from an apparent freezing spell. Regina gains his consent to do whatever it takes to save Marian's life. As his mother requests, Henry fetches a box from the vault and brings it to her. To halt the spell effects, Regina takes out Marian's heart, storing it in the box for safekeeping, which will keep her alive until they find a cure. ("Rocky Road")

Emma finally tells Henry about her new relationship with Hook. Driving to the diner, she and Henry step out onto the street. Emma asks him if he is all right with what she told him. He admits to not liking it, but wants her to be happy. Patting Emma on the back, Henry urges her to go into the diner where she intends to ask Hook out on a date. As he pores through spell ingredients in the vault, Regina voices uncertainty about being able to undo the Snow Queen's curse on Marian. Having come to this conclusion himself, Henry talks about Robin Hood's feelings for Regina, and his belief that true love's kiss on Marian didn't work because of it. Despite that he believes his mother should be happy about this, Regina reasons that he's too young to understand. Later, Henry checks up on Regina as she sifts through spell books, but she is having no luck. He informs her about his plan for "Operation Mongoose" by going undercover at the pawnshop in the hopes Mr. Gold has answers about the book's author. At the pawnshop, Henry asks for a job, and reasons that Mr. Gold is the closest relative he has since Neal is gone. Mr. Gold agrees, and he makes him an apprentice. To start with, he instructs Henry to sweep the pawnshop floor. ("The Apprentice")

With Emma busy helping Elsa track down Anna and Regina mulling over the Snow Queen's location, Henry spends the day with Hook on a sailing run. ("Breaking Glass")

Henry gathers with Belle, David, Hook, Mary Margaret, Mr. Gold and Regina where they watch a camera recording of a young Emma and her prior foster mother, who is none other than the Snow Queen herself. While everyone believes they have exhausted all means of investigating the Snow Queen, Henry mentions her ice cream truck. Since the vehicle location is unknown, David organizes a search party to look for it. ("Family Business")

After putting on a suit for his workday at the pawnshop, Henry checks up on Regina as she flips through the storybook. He asks how things are with Robin Hood, and Regina confirms their relationship is over, but she'll be ready when her future happy ending comes around. On sweeping duty, Henry tidies the pawnshop floor twice before prompting Mr. Gold for a a magic-related task. At first, Mr. Gold mysteriously states he has something that can turn a old item into a new one, which excites Henry, but his hopes are dashed upon seeing it's just a bottle of furniture polish. With trouble brewing again, Belle, David, Elsa and Hook implore Mr. Gold to unfreeze the sheriff station entrance so they can rescue Emma from the Snow Queen. They head back to the station, also joined by Mary Margaret, as an explosion tears open the side of the building. With the Snow Queen gone, Emma shakily explains she herself caused the combustion. Fearing her powers are uncontrollable, she warns them to stay back, but David and Hook approach to help. A panicked Emma accidentally collapses a streetlight, though David pushes Hook out of the way and takes the hit instead. In the heat of the moment, Mary Margaret reacts with resentment towards Emma's magic. Only upon seeing Emma's hurt expression, Mary Margaret retracts her anger, but the latter flees via car despite that her loved ones attempt to call her back. ("The Snow Queen")

Sneaking out of the apartment, Henry approaches Emma in the woods where he tries to calm her. As he almost touches her glowing hands, Emma unintentionally throws him back with a gust. Henry is wounded with a bloody cut; further causing anxiety for Emma, who emits a blast to force him into leaving. Running to the apartment, he apologies for disappearing, but explains the state Emma is currently in. Mary Margaret then cleans up his injury. Afterwards, Elsa comforts Henry about Emma's magic being tied to her emotions, which is what induced his mother's out-of-control powers. In the upstairs bedroom, Henry refuses to talk to Regina about what happened with Emma. On request, he allows her to look at the laceration, and she magically heals him. Disappointed about not having magic, Henry believes he couldn't help Emma because of this, but Regina stresses his gift is being the heart of the truest believer who brought everyone together. She assures, as Henry chimes in, that Emma is a hero and heroes always win. Later, Elsa disappears with a spell to locate Emma, who is trying to permanently strip herself of magic. Henry goes with David, Mary Margaret and Regina to track Emma's car prints, but cannot find her. After Emma doesn't go through with prior plan due to Elsa's persuasion, they all reunite. Emma, accepting magic as part of herself, creates fireworks. Suddenly, Henry notices Emma's left wrist has a ribbon as Elsa discovers her wrist has an identical one too, but neither know where they came from. The ribbons begin absorbing their magic and gathering in Ingrid's ribbon; allowing her to cast the spell of shattered sight. ("Smash the Mirror")

Once Ingrid's curse is cast, Henry goes with his family to the town line where the ice wall still stands. They attempt to find a way to scale it and flee town, but the barricade is too powerful. Under Emma's directive, David, Leroy and Mary Margaret go to warn everyone about the curse while Hook heads to the dock to find escape boats. Henry, deciding to stay with Regina, reassures Emma that he will be all right. He and Regina head to the Merry Men camp where she cautions Robin Hood about the curse's effects and how they will be affected by it. Robin Hood then calls for Will to tell everyone to pack up camp. As the Merry Men scurry about, Henry goes to help them while Regina and Robin Hood continue talking. Fearful for her son's safety under the curse, Regina later brings Henry to the mayoral office. She apologizes to him for letting her feelings for Robin Hood sidetrack Operation Mongoose, but he is certain they will find the storybook author. After a heartfelt farewell, Regina magically seals Henry in the office before the curse hits. ("Fall")

Under the curse's influence, Henry rebukes Hook for being a dirty pirate and states his increasing dislike for him now that he is dating Emma. Hook breaks into the mayor's office to take Henry away, but he walks right into the boy's rigged trap and falls flat on his back. Henry then takes the opportunity to flee the office. Once the curse is lifted, due to Ingrid sacrificing herself, Henry finds both his mothers and reunites with them. ("Shattered Sight")

At the town line, Henry witnesses Elsa tear down the ice wall, however, remnants of Ingrid's magic remain and keep those who leave Storybrooke from re-entering. To get the Arendelle natives home, Emma tasks herself with locating a portal. Henry returns to the pawnshop and sees Belle packing a suitcase. Learning she is leaving for a honeymoon in New York with his grandfather, Henry informs her about the town line restraints. Although Belle was unaware of this, she assumes Mr. Gold has found a loop hole around the issue. Noticing his spirits are dampened, she inquiries about what's on his mind. Setting down the storybook on the counter, Henry elaborates about all the bad things that happen to Regina in it. Belle believes it won't always be so since Regina is on a good path now, which cheers Henry up. He thanks her by endearingly calling her "grandma", though Belle humorously quips that using just her by name is fine. After Anna, Elsa and Kristoff return to Arendelle through a portal inside a mansion, Henry explores the building. Fiddling with a wall lamp scone, he accidentally opens a secret library room containing many blank storybooks. Amazed at the find, Henry notifies Emma and Regina at the diner and leads them to his discovery. Hearing of Operation Mongoose, Emma decides to join in the search for Regina's happy ending. ("Heroes and Villains")

Six weeks later, all remains peaceful in Storybrooke as Regina exits the diner with Henry, where he steps onto the bus for school. Mary Margaret resumes her teaching job, and during class, she asks for the word referencing the study of birds, which Henry answers correctly as ornithology. That same day, Belle gains a spell translation from an "Oxford professor", which is needed to release the nuns from the hat. Regina succeeds in performing the spell, freeing the nuns, but unknowingly unleashing the Chernabog from within the hat. While the diner is bustling with activity as the nuns are welcomed back, Henry encourages Regina to show Mother Superior one of the blank books they found in the sorcerer's mansion. Regina explains to the head nun that she wishes for the storybook author to rewrite her a happy ending. To this, Mother Superior clarifies the sorcerer and author are two different people, and only the author can help her, but he hasn't been sighted for a long time. As for why the author disappeared, Mother Superior has no idea, but she has heard rumors that he has left clues in his works. When Emma asks if Henry's book could count as one of the author's works, the diner shakes as everyone hears a guttural roar from outside. Emma and her allies then take on the Chernabog, which ends when the winged demon is forced across the town line, where it ceases to exist. During the evening, Henry sits at the diner counter, using a magnifying glass to inspect a storybook page for clues, as Emma and Hook watch from a nearby table. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

With Regina, Henry goes to the diner for donuts. As they walk in, Cruella De Vil and Ursula tease the former Queen about a time when she ripped out the hearts of people from an entire region. Regina asks Henry to get started on the book first, and after he leaves for the mayoral office, she warns the women from ever speaking about her past in front of her son. As Henry is studying the book, his mother returns to the office with a box of frosted chocolate donuts. Regina is still upset about what Cruella and Ursula said and wonders if she can have a happy ending after all her past actions. Henry comforts her, and as he bites into a donut, some crumbs spill onto the open book. While Regina cleans it, she notices the pages for the Pinocchio fairytale are different, to which Henry recalls that August put the story in the book. Although August is now Pinocchio, Regina believes he may have answers about the author. However, the boy recalls nothing, even when Emma tries to trigger his memories by reminding him of all the things he did as August. Frustrated, Regina insults Pinocchio for not trying harder to remember. Henry tries to intervene, and when things get heated, he and Emma take Pinocchio out of the room. Later, Regina receives August's old bag from Marco, which Henry looks through. On one page, he finds a photo of a door with a sticky note referencing the author. ("Unforgiven")

Henry continues to examine the photo at the pawnshop, where Belle asks about his research, and he explains the door could possibly lead to the author. Aside from that, he hasn't found much, but she encourages him to keep at it. Before leaving, she hands him a snack. ("Enter the Dragon")



Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

  • Henry appears in a photo in "Breaking Glass".