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This article focuses on the character Blue Fairy. For her Storybrooke counterpart, see Mother Superior.
I hear your wish, you don’t need to wish it so loudly.
      —Blue Fairy to Jiminy

Reul Ghorm, better known as the Blue Fairy and Blue, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the first episode of the first season. She is portrayed by guest star Keegan Connor Tracy, and is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Mother Superior.

The Blue Fairy is based on the Fairy with Turquoise Hair from the children's story, Pinocchio.


Before First Curse

The Blue Fairy is known in the land of the Enchanted Forest as "Reul Ghorm", and legend has it if someone calls for her help, their wish can be granted. She comes to assist a young village boy named Baelfire and hears out his story concerning his father, Rumplestiltskin, who is the Dark One. He desperately wishes for a way he and his father can be together without magic getting in the way. The Blue Fairy acknowledges that his father can never be as he once was, but they can go to another land where magic does not exist at all, and gives him the last magic bean in existence. Later, out of the blue, she is summoned by Rumplestiltskin, and learns the Dark One let his son go into the portal alone. She blames him for the foolish mistake, stating that there is no way for him to reach his son without paying a great price by giving up this land for the next. The Blue Fairy accidentally lets it slip that there is a curse which can do this, but firmly believes Rumplestiltskin can never pull it off. ("The Return")

After hearing a man named Jiminy wish on a blue star, she comes to his aide. Jiminy deeply regrets inadvertently causing the demise of a young child's parents and wants to restore them back to normal. She is incapable of doing such a thing, but allows Jiminy to guide the boy as a companion. At Jiminy's request, she turns him into a cricket and sends him off to the boy, Geppetto. ("That Still Small Voice")

Years later, the Blue Fairy is in charge of training another fairy named Tinker Bell. She catches Tinker Bell coming home after venturing out without permission and chastises her for having already broken every rule in the book. Tinker Bell explains she was helping the Queen, Regina. Warily, the Blue Fairy questions if she knows who the Queen really is; elaborating that Regina's mother has a horrible reputation for ripping out other people's hearts, and her magic instructor is the notorious Dark One. Tinker Bell doesn't see the point, to which the Blue Fairy criticizes she should count herself lucky to still be alive and heavily stresses that Regina, surrounded by darkness, simply cannot be helped. Disagreeably, Tinker Bell still believes the Queen is a person worthy of assistance, and asks for some pixie dust, but is turned down vehemently by the Blue Fairy. Despite that, she argues her superior is ignoring someone who needs guidance, which is not very fairy-like. The Blue Fairy counters that is not for her to judge, and cuts off Tinker Bell's attempt to speak out against the ruling. Specifically, she orders Tinker Bell not to leave the cavern and further training will be done under her supervision. Against her wishes, Tinker Bell disobeys, steals pixie dust and goes to Regina once more. Discovering the theft, the Blue Fairy confronts her in Regina's courtyard. Tinker Bell pleads for a second chance, but the Blue Fairy refuses as she no longer believes in her anymore. She strips Tinker Bell of her wings and flies off. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Some time after this, she trains one of the fairies, Nova, to collect fairy dust from the mines and waits in the clouds for her. The Blue Fairy scolds Nova on her clumsiness and warns that fairy dust is the most powerful substance in the world because it is fueled magic. She instructs Nova from next year on to the fairy dust on her own. Though Nova had hopes of becoming a fairy godmother, the Blue Fairy laughs at her for it. Many nights later, she catches word of Nova's budding romance with a dwarf named Dreamy and their plan to run away together. The Blue Fairy, along with the head dwarf named Bossy, intercept him. She tells him that the two do not belong together, and further exemplifies this by saying if he gives up, Nova may finally be able to become a fairy godmother. Additionally, it will bring untold unhappiness to the world if they left together. This convinces Dreamy that his place is not with Nova, but with his dwarf brethren in the mines. ("Dreamy")

Hearing cries of help from Snow White, the Blue Fairy arrives to greet the princess' allies, Prince Charles, Prince Charming, Princess Leia and Red Riding Hood. With the power of her wand, she restores Snow White, who previously transformed herself into a bug to escape execution, into human form. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Under the pretense of owing Grumpy a favor, the Blue Fairy and numerous other fairies assist in the assault on King George's castle in attempt to rescue Prince Charming. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

The Evil Queen and King George join forces in war against Snow White and Prince Charming. Alas, King George is defeated. Snow White encounters the Queen in the forest and ask her to surrender. While the two are engaged in conversation, the Blue Fairy sneaks up behind and throws the dust on the Queen rendering her frozen in place. Defeated, the Queen is taken as a prisoner. The Blue Fairy attends the war council meeting to decide with the other members the fate of the ex-Queen. They come to the conclusion death is a fitting punishment. At the execution, Snow White orders the event to a halt after the executioners arrows' have been fired, and the Blue Fairy hastily stops them inches away from Regina's body. ("The Cricket Game")

During Cinderella's pregnancy, the deal maker Rumplestiltskin asks for his end of the bargain of their contract by acquiring her first born child. Horror stricken at the prospect, Cinderella receives the aid of the Blue Fairy. Through the Blue Fairy's creation of a magical red quill combined with squid ink, Cinderella tricks him into signing a new fake contract with it. From doing so, Rumplestiltskin is paralyzed and hauled off to a prison in the dwarves mines to prevent him from procuring Cinderella's child. ("The Price of Gold")

On a shoreline, a wood carver named Geppetto washes to land after braving a storm at sea with his adopted son Pinocchio. She comes to their aid after realizing Pinocchio sacrificed his life for Geppetto. The Blue Fairy rewards Pinocchio by turning him into a real human boy, but she heeds he must be brave, truthful and unselfish to maintain his form. Much later, she comes to Geppetto again as the Evil Queen's Dark Curse threatens them all. The Blue Fairy requests that he fashion a wardrobe from the last enchanted tree so two people, namely Prince Charming and Snow White, can safely go through the wardrobe to another land and be protected from the curse's effects until the prophesied time of twenty-eight years in which their child will break the curse. After hearing about the potential danger Pinocchio will be in if he stays, Geppetto stubbornly refuses to make the wardrobe unless his son is one of the people to go through the wardrobe. Stuck in a dilemma, she hesitantly agrees to the deal. ("The Stranger")

In a war council discussion, Prince Charming and Snow White talk about how to defeat the Evil Queen's curse with their allies. Suddenly, the Blue Fairy flies in with an enchanted tree. She claims the tree, if carved into a vessel, will take one person and whisk them away to another world. A decision is reached for a pregnant Snow White to travel into the wardrobe and be protected in another land until her child turns twenty-eight and can break the curse. ("Pilot")

As the wardrobe is being carved, Snow White questions the Blue Fairy for more details on the Dark Curse as Prince Charming listens on. The Blue Fairy tells her to have faith their plan will work, and if not, the curse will take them to a new land where their memories are erased and they will be slaves to the Queen's will. This is not much assurance, so Snow White further asks how the savior will know how to save them. She stresses in more vague terms that when the time comes, the savior will learn of their story. The Blue Fairy requests to be trusted as she herself has the one thing they all need, which is hope. She flies out of the room shortly after, though Snow White is left more uncertain than ever. ("Going Home")

On the day the curse comes into effect, Snow White goes into labor as the wardrobe is finished. Because of the early delivery, the Blue Fairy pleas for Geppetto to tell the truth and allow Snow White and her daughter to pass through the wardrobe together instead. Assured Geppetto will listen to her, she leaves to complete final preparations as the curse approaches. A short time passes, and the curse eventually engulfs the Blue Fairy and other inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest. ("Pilot")

For events occurring after the casting of the first curse, see Mother Superior.

Before Second Curse

Shortly after learning from Belle of Neal's sacrifice to resurrect Rumplestiltskin and the Dark One's enslavement by the Wicked Witch of the West, Zelena, Aurora and Prince Phillip confess a secret. When they admit Zelena wants Snow White's unborn child, the witch herself pays an ominous visit to the palace to claim the baby will soon be hers. Later, Grumpy is sent to the fairies for advice in counterattacking Zelena. As the Blue Fairy is not helpful, they decide to consult Rumplestiltskin. ("A Curious Thing") For events occurring after the casting of the first curse, see Mother Superior#History.


  • During casting, Keegan Connor Tracy went though four auditions to get the part of the Blue Fairy.[1]
  • The part of the Blue Fairy was offered to Lady Gaga, but the creators never heard back from her manager.[2]
    • Additionally, Lady Gaga claims she does not accept acting job offers. Instead, she would like to be offered the possibility to make an audition for a character and earn the job.[3]
  • According to Keegan Connor Tracy, it takes close to an hour to dress her in the Blue Fairy costume.[4]
    • Additionally, the costume was made from scratch, and designed to fit in the harnesses used with the rigs that make the Blue Fairy "fly". The corset features real boning, and is heavy.[4]
    • During season one, the costume was the most expensive on the show.[4]
  • When filming as the Blue Fairy, Keegan Connor Tracy is alone on a green screen stage.[4]
  • "The Blue Fairy" was a name given to the character in the 1940 Disney film version of Pinocchio, as her name in the original story was simply "The Fairy with Turquoise Hair".
  • She is the first fairy to appear in the series.
  • Emma wishes on a candle shaped like a blue star, an allusion to the scene in Disney's 1940 film Pinocchio, in which Geppetto wishes on a blue star and his wish is granted by the Blue Fairy. ("Pilot")
  • The Blue Fairy is also referred to as "Reul Ghorm," which is Scots Gaelic for "blue star". Additionally, the Blue Fairy's Storybrooke counterpart's first and last name is Reul Ghorm. ("The Return", "Darkness on the Edge of Town")
  • Morraine refers to her as an "ancient being"; making her even older than Rumplestiltskin, and one of the oldest characters on the show. ("The Return")
  • She has lied, despite claiming to Rumplestiltskin that fairies don't lie. She tells Snow White and Prince Charming, at Geppetto's insistence, that the magic tree can only protect one person from the Dark Curse, when, in actuality, it can save two. ("The Return", "The Stranger")
  • There is a blue star on the side of Billy's truck, which is a reference to the Blue Fairy.[5] ("Child of the Moon")


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